13 June 2016

Unexpected Trial for my Peaceful Life

the trial is part of life, it helps us grow, So many of us are afraid to have it in our life, We are taught at an early age that all trial is evil and harmful.
Yet, how can we ever deal with life trial if we’re afraid to face it when it comes to us?  We need to deal all the trial and hard times in life to be able to move on to another, just as we need to feel alive.
2 months ago I also have my own trial, I've been hospitalised for 2 weeks because my appendix has exploded and it almost killed me if not treated immediately. thank God for another life.

captured image before hospital admission (入院する前に)

the service food in the hospital is not good. so it is better to take care or make conscious to your health to avoid being stay here.

trial is meant to wake us up.  Because you can only learn how strong you are after you endure all that trial in life.

It’s all in how you carry the things that don’t go your way.  That’s what matters in the end. 

29 May 2016

My First Escapade with Her in Japan at Yokohama's Best Zoo

Zoorasia is a one of the best zoos and definitely a world-class attraction we have ever been to. We visited it yesterday and absolutely loved our visit there.

This zoo is so clean with fantastic facilities and all the enclosures are well laid out and maintained.

We took a train from Yokohama line station to which it took about an hour from Kawasaki. There are public transport options available, but you have to take a train then get on a bus so allow a bit more time to get there and  you can use any of this line to reach Zoorasia such as: (JR Tokaido Line, JR Yokosuka, JR Keihin-Tohoku Line, Kyokyusen, Toyoko, Minato Mirai Line, Sotetsu Line, Yokohama Municipal Subway line "Yokohama" station and get off, About one hour by bus Yokohama Zoo-bound).

Be prepared for a lot of walking throughout the day. There is a bus service that will take you around the main part of the zoo. There is so much to see here at Zoorasia.

The Zoorasia zoo's Opening hours was 9:30 to 16:30 (but admission until 16:00 only) so! come early if you don't want to run out of time, and it is best to get Zoorasia as early as possible to beat the heat.

One of the animal experiences that you can experience here are: Polar bear underwater viewing, small animals petting corner, Walk ride in the woods on a horse and I think there's a lot more event to be waiting for animal lovers out there. But unfortunately yesterday me and my sister Diana are not organised enough to pre-book a seat or space in time, but apparently it is a pretty amazing experience and we will definitely give it a try on our next visit.

There is two gift shop outside the park.
(List price is all tax included) there is the "Aussie Hill Gift Shop" hotel's restaurant of Zoorasia for entering and leaving visitors, it is ideal for shopping before and after lunch. (Opening hours: 10:00 to 16:00)
"Aqua Terrace Gift shop" it is recommended souvenirs shop to all. (Opening hours: 9:30 to 17:00)

Admission Fee:
General (18 years of age or older)     800 yen
Middle school students and human     300 yen    
Junior high and elementary school students     200 yen    
Less than elementary school     free

Yokohama Zoo Zoorasia 
241-0001 Yokohama Asahi-ku, Kamishirane cho 1175-1 
TEL 045-959-1000

More Details:  Yokohama Doubutsuen Zoorasia

14 March 2016

My Story and Review: All About Naturactor Cosmetic from Meiko Manufacture

From my past vacation on 2011 in the Philippines, my sister neighbors ask me a favor if I could buy for her a makeup stuff brand named "Naturactor"?  I don't have any idea about this brand and honestly never heard of it.

I told her that I will try to look this for her, when I'll get back to Japan, few days ago I ask some store somewhere in Tokyo if where to buy and find this product, but nobody can tell me where too.  I'm thinking to give it up after I Google it on the web, and found lots of reviews, forum and people who also looking for it.  my interest gets fired up after seeing lots of woman longing to buy it.

I search on for this product manufacturer name, and I found that this is made by the company named "Meiko" means 'makeup' in English.
   I navigate the store through their website access page and I found that Meiko have an outlet store located in Takashimaya Yokohama Japan, but every two months for only one week (Takashimaya is  a first class department store in Yokohama, Japan who selling branded products like Louis Vuitton, Channel,Hermes and more….)

I never wasted anytime to think if I'll rather buy it next two months again because I know that it ended soon. at first, I really thought it was expensive because their selling on the first class department store, but I was shocked to see that it is so cheap!  compared to my current makeup right now, the price was 7 times cheap,  I buy 7 types of their product and I spend ¥4,186 in yen,$48 in dollars,3,500 in peso only for 7 products.

*here are the items I bought from them* 

Naturactor powder foundation - I find that few scrubs is ample to get a flawless and full coverage finish, and I like to use a buffing foam with this foundation to achieve a seamless, fresh-faced and natural look. It's absolutely great to find a really good foundation as I am always on the look out for one. Their website shows all the shades and prices, check it out --> here

Naturactor silky lucent powder - They do NOT settle into fine lines Depending on the coverage that you want, you can go from light to heavy and They last ALL day.

Naturactor liquid moisture foundation - After wearing the foundation for a while now, I would definitely recommend it for its value, coverage, finish and blend. This is a brilliant foundation for any of you who have slightly oily skin because it doesn't have a dewy finish but instead dries quite matte whilst still retaining the skin's natural glow.

Naturactor cover face -  It blends easily, effortlessly balance uneven skin tone and giving you the control to create a flawless finish. Each unit may be used for up to 5 months with everyday use Can last up to 8 hours or more Looks Natural Provides great coverage for skin. It's long lasting and you only need to apply a little to get the perfect skin look.

Long coverage on spots, scar, dark eyes circle, face and neck area With Natural Herbal Essence It can also be applied on hands and legs to cover uneven tone or scar. To achieve a natural and smoother-looking skin texture and its Oil Free.

Naturactor makeup base - It blends seamlessly into the skin, I put it on before applying makeup and I think it good to wear it on a day.

Naturactor liquid eyeliner - by the way, I refuse to use liquid eyeliner for putting the line to my eyes for some reason was it's irritating when I'm in the hurry!  I really couldn't put  it right, so I just prefer using it when I have plenty of time to prepare.

Naturactor lipstick -  just bought it for I already get tired of my recent lipstick. but not bad because I already enjoyed using it now.

The product is housed in a dainty box printed in a glossy and matte finish (Wonder how much the company spent on the box alone,). Everything's written in Japanese so I suggest checking out 'Meiko Cosmetics' Website here for the ingredient information. Overall, I like how this is branded, it's simple and no-fuss.

*Overall Result of this Seven Product on my Skin*

The actual product is contained in a plain white circular container and is open or sealed through twisting the cap. The packaging's material is made of hard plastic. The product's name and a simple linear detail are printed on the product's cap. The shade's name and information can be found at the bottom of the product. I think the container is sturdy and won't break if ever you would accidentally drop this. I'm just worried about the label fading over the long run, and I get very irritated over superficial reasons like that.

09 March 2016

Unforgettable Moments on Peeking up the Famous Asakusa Temple 2/28/2016

I love Yokohama and Kawasaki (the place where I've been for a decade) but as much as the next woman – sometimes I just need a break from all the hustle and bustle life from this two cities around, so this time, I would like to update and share my Asakusa escapade few days ago together with my two friends of mine.

Asakusa makes the perfect day trip especially as it is only on the north-east fringe of central Tokyo, at the eastern end of the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line subway, approximately one mile east of the major Ueno railway/subway interchange.

Asakusa is full of really old and impressive temples and its main draw is the fact that it is one of the famous tourist attraction in japan!

Asakusa is not only known for its temples… Asakusa is also known for its amazing store and restaurants, which is what makes it such a good day trip! And finally, for those of you who are more adventurous, you can also go for a quick peek in the sky tree nearby (the newest build tower of japan) walking distance from Asakusa temple.

the Asakusa temple is impressively large. On the approach there are  two guardians flank the sides of the gate the God the god of the wind and the god of thunder a.k.a kamiNarimon (雷門)and hozomon gate(宝蔵門).

Looking through the gate you can see another behind, and beyond that the temple's main building you can see lots of native Japanese accessories store lined up the hallway after passing the main gate.

Every temples in Japan, it's their tradition of having a fate lottery for interested visitors to peek their destiny. just give a coin and shake the small barrels that fulls of stick with numbers.

(and I took the most luckiest of fate lottery) 

While inside Asakusa, we came across a famous shop of (melon pan, did not know if they have quite a number of outlets across Japan because it is my first time knowing it) but seeing their banner in front of their store, I've noticed that there're lots of famous people come across to taste this melon bread,

so we bought a few for ourselves, because we all fell in love with their original flavour, I bought more for take out. Yum!

I actually lost count (I stopped counting after) if how many store of sweet and taste each Japanese sweets while on this trip in Asakusa.

06 March 2016

Another World Trout Fishing Tournament at Fish on! Ozenji in kawasaki

I haven't been able to fish as often as I would've liked, but yesterday, I had a chance to wet a line. because I joined again with the first yearly tournaments of Another World Pub at fish on! Ozenji nearby Kawasaki.

the event was headed by the Another World pub president Mr. seki hirokazu together with his cousins and pub partner kisaragi hiroka a.k.a the mamasan. the event joined up by mr. fujino,kinchan,taro san,yamachang,kachang,me myself, mizaki together with her partner hiromichi san. 

the event was started up at 6:30 am because the site will get open around 6:00 am daily. our assembling time is 5:50 am at the main gate of ozenji. so we came one by one at the place before that because mr. seki said that the fish on time was limited for 3 hours from each category. because the first setting is we must to try first the bait fishing for three hours before we could get started to the lure fishing. and because the woman participant is not able to enter the tournament alone by herself,  I paired myself with kachang, my club guest partner,mizaki paired with hiromichi and mamasan hiroka paired with mr. fujino san the rest are played themselve alone because they not abled to invite or bring a woman partner for the event.

the participants are as follows:

mamasan and fujino san
kate and kachang
mizaki and hiromichi
seki hirokazu
taro san

we are all 10 players including the head of this tournament.  the first player savor the first showcase of Ozenji was me of course, I fish on trout measured 35cm.
followed by my partner kachang, hiromichi san next by fujino,yamachang,taro and kinchang. The lure I used was a small Baits of spoon maybe 3.5 gram stainless type given by mr. seki in black/white.
aside from fishing, other best part being here in the ozenji fishing park is the surrounding. for those peoples who love to explore nature, you would love spending the rest of your days here.

because I come here after my night time work, I don't have any sleep at all. so I bring also my compact chair at the time of this "sleeping under the sun".

and after a long moment of fishing we ended up with a little cheers and banquet right exactly at Ozenji park. yeah!  you could also done your barbecue time here. what a nice place isn’t it? you could able to taste the fish you get on your fishing.

while the little cheers going on mr. seki announces the winner of the tournament.  first prices go for me and my pair kachang. second was mizaki and hiromichi, third mama san and mr. fujino san. the others come home still with their smile and contented for able to do their favorite fishing hobby.

to be continued...................................

Details and information:
Address: 1227-2 Ozenji, Asao Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture 215-0013
Phone:    044-959-0037 

Map Access: